Silver Lake

We took construction very seriously when we built our rooms. What’s the use in a rehearsal studio if you can hear the guy two doors down testing out the volume of his new Marshall? Our rooms were built with top-of-the-line soundproofing in mind, and feature solid, multi-layered construction. It’s not as quiet as outer space, but it’s as quiet as you get without being a full-fledged studio tracking room.

Silver Lake is the place where music, trends, and styles are being created these days, so we put a studio in the heart of Silver Lake to help all our musician friend have great access to safe, clean, security and sound proof rehearsal space.  There is nothing worse than when you have to travel 60 minutes in Los Angeles gridlock traffic, just to rehearse every night.  Unlike the other guys, our rehearsal studios are where the musician and artists live.

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ABC Rehearsal – at Silver Lake