We don’t do hourly studios. We don’t supply gear either, that’s what Guitar Center or Studio Instrument Rentals is for. We supply well-built, top of the line 24 hour lockout rehearsal studios of all shapes and sizes. Most bands want to make their rehearsal studio their own – with their own gear, their own personal touch, and their own ideas of how it should be configured. Many of our rooms feature lofts where you can store your gear, and almost every room has both an individual AC unit and ceiling fan.  We have spent over $1,000,000 upgrading and improving our facilities to better serve our clients.  A lot of rehearsal facilities say they offer everything, but no one does it as well or as affordable as ABC Rehearsal Studios.


24 Hour Monthly Lockout, Not Over Priced Gear Rental

So what does lockout mean?  It’s not about locksmiths, its about having your own space, for you, your band and crew to jam, practice, rehearse, and gel as a band.  We’re not in the business of having guitar strings for sale, or six different amplification options for your rhythm guitarist. Simply put, we have the best lockout rehearsal studios for the best price. No extra frills… just high quality lockouts for your musicians, for your drummers and for your singers to practice and rehearse in.

It is nice to be able to access your gear and practice at anytime day or night.  You never know when inspiration strikes and ABC Rehearsal Studios is available when you need to practice.  No more waiting around for those other guys to open up their facilities so you and your band can practice.  ABC  Studios makes lockout practice space affordable, convenient and secure for you and your crew.  You have the key, it’s your practice place, it’s your stuff, it has your vibe and style.  We want musicians, bands, vocalists and artists to be able to create some awesome music both locally in Los Angeles or when they are traveling and playing all around the country.   Our clients appreciate the care we take in providing great spaces for musicians.

We keep up with the latest happenings, trends and technology in LA, New York and all the major music cities to provide a great experience for local artists.

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