Drum Rehearsal and Band Practice Space

We at ABC Rehearsals pride ourselves on having the most affordable monthly rates for drum rehearsal and band practice space, with the largest variety of sizes, in Los Angeles. Big Rooms. Drum rooms. Great band space to set-up all your gear and practice, and amp parking for your vehicles.


Drum Rehearsal and Band Practice Space

There’s nobody here screaming at you to turn it down.  In fact because of our sound proofing and quality construction, we say, turn it up!  Every good drummer and band needs a place to really shred, just ask Drum Literary Magazine.  Jamming and drumming is all about having the space for band practices and drum rehearsals, to really capture the creative and artistic energy.  We help make that possible, because our prices are very competitive and our locations are in the heart of the music districts in Los Angeles, specifically, Silver Lake and North Hollywood.

Not to mention the high-end construction quality of our studios, rooms, lofts and spaces – NOT the low quality rooms like the other guys.  We place an emphasis on affordability, accessibility and value, which is what we offer our clients.

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Drum Practice Studio (set-up)